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At Nextiva, we create connected communication tools that help businesses stay in touch with their customers and teams. Over 100,000 companies rely on Nextiva for phone service and customer management tools. We’re not your parent’s phone company.

Founded in 2008, Nextiva took on the trillion-dollar telecom industry and succeeded in changing the game by making technology more accessible and affordable for everyone. Companies solve their toughest challenges using our VoIP innovations and signature Amazing Service®.

Today, Nextiva is the fastest-growing, privately held provider of cloud communications. We don’t study industry trends; we create them. Business leaders look to Nextiva to equip their teams in the office and while working from home. Nextiva is not just a tech company — we’re the backbone of the economy.

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Nextiva is currently seeking bright and talented individuals for a Senior Software Engineer (Mobile – Android) position to join our expanding development team. This position is responsible for supporting existing apps, new app development, app testing, and user support. This developer will work with a growing team and help with development of Nextiva’s flagship mobile apps. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is essential.

As a Senior Software Engineer (Mobile – Android) you will assist in the development, implementation and management of technology-based business solutions to improve our product offerings. You will assist in the design, coding, testing, and implementation of mobile apps to meet both functional and technical requirements.

The responsibilities of a Senior Software Engineer (Mobile – Android) range from: writing, developing, testing, and reviewing code; supporting existing applications; liaising with end users to fix defects, find solutions, and test them; adding functionality to apps by designing and implementing solutions; and more.

Key Responsibilities:

What you will do

  • Build Native mobile applications
  • Use the latest technology and techniques to build distributed, scalable, and fault-tolerant software systems that power our business communication offerings
  • Take a customer-focused approach in working with our product team to prioritize and deliver new features
  • Deliver testable and maintainable code
  • Learn on the job new technologies and techniques to support our continuous improvement culture
  • Help drive the technical roadmap

Delivery First

  • Production release factored in during refinement and coding of an issue
  • Follows their changes all the way through the production environment deployment
  • Changes are always done in a way that considers the impacts to production and long-term maintenance
  • Can design a phased delivery approach for a major change
  • Understands versioning and the “why” of the approach
  • Understands branching and merging – deep knowledge of how git works

Automation and Tooling

  • Actively pursues minimizing all manual steps in their day to day and within the applications they work on
  • Aggressively “lazy” (puts in extra time and effort to not repeat a manual step)
  • Always looking to continuously improve
  • Actively uses tooling for debugging and maintaining the applications (APM, Log Aggregation, etc…) they work on
  • Expert at leveraging development tools (IDE, browser tools, git, etc…)
  • Understands in general techniques and tools used in leveraged automation
  • Can identify trends and recommend remediations to negative trends

Team Commitment

  • Actively seeks to help the team to stay on track and reach their goals
  • Participates and is introspective at retrospectives in an effort to continuously improve
  • Not afraid to try something new or to fill a different role when needed
  • Provides technical and professional mentorship to other members of the team
  • Not afraid to call out and coach other team members that aren’t pulling their weight in order to help the team and the individual

Review Changes

  • Participates in learning/knowledge transfer
  • Ensures changes accomplish what is being requested
  • Ensures standards and code quality expectations are being met
  • Detects logic and flow bugs
  • Identifies if there are better solutions available
  • Notes possible performance Improvements
  • Identifies major security flaws



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent work experience


  • 6+ years of software development experience
  • Experience with native mobile development
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks
  • Experience designing and using deployment systems
  • Experience with messaging systems (Firebase)
  • Experience with build and packaging systems (gradle)
  • Experience with developing applications in the MVVM pattern
  • Experience working with REST API’s
  • Understands design patterns and as deployed systems using them
  • Understands and leverages CI/CD
  • Understands secure coding best practices

Preferred Experience

  • SIP
  • XMPP

Language Specific Qualifications

  • Firebase
  • Gradle
  • Java/Kotlin
  • RXJava
  • Room
  • Retrofit and Dagger


Solutions Oriented

  • Considers each change for its maintainability
  • Builds applications as simple and as easy to read as possible
  • Tries to make the correct choice between doing it “right” and doing it “fast” (defaulting toward doing it right when possible)
  • Participates in technical roadmap and structural improvements
  • You will be pushing the company forward via new technology, methodologies, and processes, evolving our culture to stay ahead of the curve, so you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and strong drive

Communication Skills

  • Proactively escalates issues and blockers (doesn’t need to be pushed to reveal issues)
  • Works with PM/TBA to proactively clarify business requirements
  • Communicates with other teams and offices effectively
  • Documents major changes and plans, to improve the overall health of the documentation and to make it easier for the next engineer
  • Generously shares knowledge
  • Not afraid to point out problems and proactively seeks to avoid “disasters”
  • Is able to provide and is receptive to constructive feedback

Technological Knowledge & Capability

  • Technically capable of exceeding in any application of a similar language
  • Seeking to learn new technologies and industry techniques
  • Understands the native language and its best practices
  • Understands newer features of their language
  • Knows the major frameworks of the language and in general how they work/what they provide
  • Understands software engineering, not just their language
  • Understands how the web works
  • Understands the basics of secure coding
  • Understands how the deployment environment is configured
  • Is able to effectively debug and fix issues

Typical Office Environment:

  • Requires extensive sitting with periodic standing and walking
  • May be required to lift up to 35 pounds unassisted
  • May be required to lift over 35 pounds using assistive devices and/or team lift
  • Requires significant use of personal computer, phone and general office equipment
  • Needs adequate visual acuity, ability to grasp and handle objects
  • Needs ability to communicate effectively through reading, writing, and speaking in person or on telephone

So, why Nextiva? 

Nextiva is a trailblazer in the Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) industries. We’re outpacing our competitors, and it’s an exciting time to join our team. If you’re looking to join a fast-paced tech company with massive potential, Nextiva is the place for you. Our 1,000+ team members worldwide embrace our promise of Amazing Service. We’re passionate about upholding our energetic culture of forward-thinking, caring, and simplicity. Nextiva seeks diverse individuals who share our values and vision to help take us to the next level. Nextiva provides an impressive benefits package and has a resilient company culture. Glassdoor named us one of the Best Places to Work in 2020 nationwide. Employees rate Nextiva a 4.9/5 on Comparably, and we’ve earned many more accolades along the way.

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