Associate Flutter Developer

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  1. Deep understanding of Flutter, including widgets, state management, and the widget lifecycle.
  2. Mastering experience in XMPP messaging, WebRTC video calling, RTSP live streaming, Ejabberd services, and cloud-based application communication with mobile app is essential.
  3. Knowledge of RTSP protocol and media server deployment enables smooth live implementation, while familiarity with Ejabberd services involves configuration for features like presence, group chat, and security measures
  4. Proficiency in Dart, the programming language used by Flutter, including its syntax and features such as async-await, streams, and mixins.
  5. Familiarity with state management techniques and packages (e.g., Provider, Riverpod, Bloc, MobX).
  6. Ability to create user-friendly and responsive UI/UX designs using Flutter’s widget library.
  7. Experience with RESTful APIs and understanding of how to integrate them within a Flutter app to fetch data from the web.
  8. Knowledge of local databases (like SQLite, Hive) and online storage solutions (Firebase Firestore, Realtime Database) to store and manage data.
  9. Proficiency in using version control systems, especially Git, for code management and collaboration.
  10. Possessing good skills with Flutter development enhances the capability to build robust, scalable, and feature-rich real-time communication and streaming applications.

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