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Spektrum supports apex purchasers (NATO, UN, EU and National Government and Defence) and their Tier 1 supplier ecosystem with a wide range of specialist services. We provide our clients with professional services, specialised aerospace and defence sales, delivery, and operational subject matter expertise. We are looking for personnel to join our team and support key client projects.

Who We Are Supporting

The NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) is responsible for providing secure and effective communications and information technology (IT) services to NATO’s member countries and its partners. The agency was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

The NCIA provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Cyber Security: The NCIA provides advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect NATO’s communication networks and information systems against cyber threats.
  • Command and Control Systems: The NCIA develops and maintains the systems used by NATO’s military commanders to plan and execute operations.
  • Satellite Communications: The NCIA provides satellite communications services to enable secure and reliable communications between NATO forces.
  • Electronic Warfare: The NCIA provides electronic warfare services to support NATO’s mission to detect, deny, and defeat threats to its communication networks.
  • Information Management: The NCIA manages NATO’s information technology infrastructure, including its databases, applications, and servers.

Overall, the NCIA plays a critical role in ensuring the security and effectiveness of NATO’s communication and information technology capabilities.

The program

Assistance and Advisory Service (AAS)

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) is NATO’s principal C3 capability deliverer and CIS service provider. It provides, maintains and defends the NATO enterprise-wide information technology infrastructure to enable Allies to consult together under Article IV, and, when required, stand together in the face of attack under Article V.

In order to provide these critical services, in the modern evolving dynamic environment the NCI Agency needs to build and maintain high performance engaged workforce. The NCI Agency workforce strategically consists of three major categorises: NATO International Civilians (NIC)s, Military (Mil) and Interim Workforce Consultants (IWC)s. The IWCs are a critical part of the overall NCI Agency workforce and make up approximately 15 percent of the total workforce.

Role Background

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) located in The Hague, The Netherlands, is currently involved in the development of new capabilities for NATO as well as in the support of existing capabilities. In the light of these activities, the C2 Service Centre is looking for an experienced software tester. More specifically, the tester will support the software development team of the JChat software. JChat has been developed by the NCI Agency to provide operators with a text-based asynchronous chat capability. Chat communications is used daily by the operators to pass information, coordinate operations, and support collaborative decision-making. JChat is providing one-to-one chat, group (multi-user) chat and multi-user conferencing (moderated chat) and is based on Instant Messaging (IM) technology

Role Duties And Responsibilities

Under the direction/guidance of the NCIA Point of Contact or delegated staff, the software tester will extend/maintain the existing test suite and execute test cases. This includes the following activities:

  • Write, execute and maintain the JChat test cases
  • Work closely with the developers / testers to plan and execute the test cases related to a product feature and report the issues
  • Improve, provide feedback to make the testing process efficient
  • Attend to team meetings to provide updates and impediments to the colleagues and delegated staff
  • Share the knowledge inside the team

They will be part of a team and will work using an Agile/Scrum and iterative approach during multiple sprints. Each sprint is planned for a duration of one week. The content and scope of each sprint will be agreed during the sprint-planning meeting.

Coordination And Reporting

  • The contractor shall participate in daily status update meetings, sprint planning, sprint retrospectives and other meetings, physically in the office, or in person via electronic means using Conference Call capabilities, according to project manager’s instructions

Essential Skills And Experience

  • They have relevant and recent experience in software testing.
  • They can plan, write and execute test cases and review existing test cases.
  • They have relevant and recent experience with chat related technologies, including, but not limited to XMPP, XEPs, M-LINK Server, Openfire Server and Openfire plugins.
  • They have experience setting up a chat test environment, i.e. with installing Openfire Servers, in a clustered and standalone setup, managing chat domains, configuring plugins, configuring dns, etc.
  • They have experience in using test development tools, e.g. Zephyr, and TestRail.
  • They are familiar with working in a Scrum team and has participated in a Scrum team for at least four months.
  • They are able to speak and write fluent English since the work is conducted in English
  • They are able to work independently and has can-do spirit
  • They must have the nationality of one of the NATO nations.

Payments And Milestones

  • 10 Sprints (1 week per sprint)

Working Location

  • Remote


  • They may be required to travel to NCI Agency, The Hague, the Netherlands and other sites within NATO for completing these tasks

Contract Duration

  • Jan 2024 – Dec 2024

Security Clearance

  • Valid National or NATO Secret personal security clearance

We never know what new opportunities might be just over the horizon. If this opportunity isn’t for you please feel free to send us your resume anyway and be the first to know if something suitable for your skills and experience comes up.

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