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ProcessOne is the company behind ejabberd scalable robust and ubiquitous instant messaging server since 2003. ejabberd is a highly customizable instant messaging server that supports XMPP at very large scale. Its ReST API makes it possible to integrate with any back-end platform.

xmpp hosting service based in germany operated & offered by

Kim “Zash” Alvefur

Consulting focused on Prosody and Prosody accessories.

Matthew Wild

Matthew Wild is an experienced independent software consultant specializing in development, support and integration for the open-source Prosody IM XMPP server and related software.

MongooseIM logo

MongooseIM is our in-house built, open-source messaging platform, designed to offer the power of XMPP with the simplicity of the REST API. It’s robust and battle-tested, so you know that it will perform even if your messages go from 1000 to 100,000 overnight. Out of the box, MongooseIM offers a scalable, full-stack mobile ready messaging application.