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Our client makes heavy use of Erlang, XMPP, and ejabberd. They are offering a short-term contract for work they expect to take 4 to 6 weeks, but if you can make a case as to why it should take longer, please do! There is a possibility of further work, later, depending on availability of the primary developer.

The role is to take some of standards-track work for XMPP and realize it. So the work is for a company, but it should be released back to the open source community.

1. XMPP Stream resumption currently takes 7-8 RTT’s which is slow and expensive on bandwidth. They would like to have the following standards-track XEP’s implemented and upstreamed:

They have created a client-side implementation which can be used for testing, and have the author of a number of XEP’s as one of their technical advisors.

2. ejabberd_service enhancements to send additional triggers through to such as: when voice/video call initiation is being attempted, user/group’s roster name, count of unread messages in the spool, unencrypted message body (if exists).


  • Strong Erlang, XMPP, and ejabberd experience.
  • Be nice to work with
  • That’s it

The position is fully remote.

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