MongooseIM – Scalable, Customised, Messaging Solutions.

XMPP Service Provider

MongooseIM – Scalable, Customised, Messaging Solutions.

Your customers are unique, and that means your Instant Messaging solution has unique requirements. That's where we come in. Our team are world-leading experts, with over a decade's experience in messaging technologies including XMPP, MQTT, EMQx, Erlang and Elixir. We can help you build scalable communication systems specific to your needs, so you can start small and grow to match your ambition and imagination. Whether you have thousands of users or billions, we'll make sure they get the message. 

MongooseIM is our in-house built, open-source messaging platform, designed to offer the power of XMPP with the simplicity of the REST API. It’s robust and battle-tested, so you know that it will perform even if your messages go from 1000 to 100,000 overnight. Out of the box, MongooseIM offers: 

  • The scalability of XMPP
  • The ease of REST
  • Full stack and mobile ready messaging
  • Flexible group chat functionality 
  • Push notification management for Android and iOS
  • PubSub integration 
  • DevOps friendly monitoring infrastructure 

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